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your life is an iceberg. all you see, and all you will ever see is just at the tip. but if you believe, you have the ability to turn it all around. life can be so much more. life can be anything you want it to be

Wow.com can you believe it because I can't. I really didn't think I'd start on this freaking site again. It's funny having a "public journal" but not having anyone really know about it, you don't think its going to get out to the entire world. It makes you feel.. vulnerable and.. weak. Nobody's supposed to know what's my cryptonite except me. :] I figured I wanted to start a fresh journal though. Chapter 2 if you will. Love me or hate you, you obviously care enough to read.

this journal is me. this is who i am. i don't care if I offend you. If you don't like it. go away. Here I will express my emotions and deep thoughts. But mostly I'll just talk about my days and this is now my diary room. :D stay tuned...

♥ dani

Question of the Day: Well, it's time for Dani's Christmas CD 'o7. What should go on it this year? Suggest some "modern" songs, i always am up to add more to the playlist.
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