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Vous au moins, vous ne risquez pas d'être un légume, puisque même un artichaut a du coeur

"you don't have bones of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton."

Oh my goodness! Talk about an unknown hiatus right?! I had no idea I would A. get so busy B. get so indolent or C both.! haha. Sorry I suck. I will do my best to get back on the ball, I promise. Please be patient with me catching up on everything though, I literally have over 200 messages to catch up on and a ton of friend requests.. between that and myspace, this may take the rest of my life.. This entry is ridiculously long and detailed so go get some popcorn and relax... And awaaaay we go.

So, I had this in my computer still so I figured I would just post it.

Oooooh Rainbow…

Sunday February 10.
No sleep (literally). Time: 7am. Well, I stayed up all night because I had yet to pack, shower, do dishes, clean up after my dumb dog.. the usual. So Melissa and I leave the house at seven am to arrive at the Orange County airport for my eight o’ clock flight. We arrive say our goodbyes and I enter to check in.
Airline worker: “You missed your flight.”
Me: “Excuse me?? I’m here early!”
Airline worker: “What time is your flight?”
Me: “it is at 8:13”
Airline worker “Oh, that’s actually a PM flight”
Okay the problem is the next flight is not until 1:40pm. Understand I am flying into Portland which is three hours away from Kail so I can meet James, Howie and everyone to drive together… Obviously they wouldn’t still be there when I would arrive at 5pm! So I say screw it, I have them go search out my bag and cancel my flight, I decided I will just drive. I really didn’t want to drive, but for Kail.. I will. So Melissa comes back and reminds me that I have had no sleep and it’s probably not the safest idea to drive for fifteen hours on no sleep... good point roomie. So I go home nap for four hours and wake up ready for my long drive. About two minutes before I leave the house, I get a phone call from Kailness, “Take this flight hurry book it now!” So I book this flight all the way at LAX. Melissa drives me super fast, I’m running through the airport to make sure I don’t miss the flight. I arrive at the gate ten minutes before it leaves… NO ONE IS AT THE GATE!! I freaked out and yes I may have shed one tear.. hey I’m hormotional leave me alone!! So I find the correct gate, turns out the airline scheduled me on the wrong flight!! So luckily for me, two people do not show up for the flight I actually want to go on and I barely make it! Here’s the catch: My bags are going on the other plane and will not arrive until four hours after we get to the airport!! We land and … there it is. There’s my bag just rolling on the baggage claim! “That’s my bag!” I yelled. Haha.. literally. *Phew* So after all this stress everything is finally falling into place. I arrived in Rainbow at 10:30pm and said hi to everyone and chatted with Kail and Taya (Kail’s daughter) for awhile then went to bed. I was beat after that day.

Monday February 11.
Ski Trip! Drama. Shots. Getting stuck. Pizza. Karaoke. Yeah you know this day was the best.. obviously. Haha! So we meet everyone for breakfast at Takoda’s, chat a bit and we all head out to go to the slopes. Mind you, I have only been on skis once and I was at the ripe young age of about nine. So! Trey (Kail’s son.. and my future husband ;] ) is my instructor for the day. I actually did super good. I only fell once! I was shocked and when I fell, I was going way too fast and ended up tripping Trey, so it was worth it. Hehe. Ate lunch.. got yelled at by the lunch lady.. yeah she was pretty much crazy. About five of us got yelled at. It was terrific. After lunch we all go back up the mountain to take pictures and for one last run. Howie, James, Rachel (Jame’s girlfriend) and I all went together and Howie and I were laughing at James the entire time. He ate it so bad so many times! Literally did three flips and face planted right at the bottom. It was enjoyable. As we are all leaving, we pile in the car, James starts to drive off… “Um I think we’re stuck.” Yeah, we were. This was just about the funniest thing ever. Rachel shoveling snow, Kail raking snow, James yelling at everyone, and then there was me.. video taping all the action laughing hysterically. Eventually we got out of there and we headed off to the Hot Springs. Howie was in heaven checking out all the ladies and Telling Trey how hot his mom is. After this, we got get some pizza where we meet up with Missy and do a chat.. that was interesting (ie fun). We called Kaysar and gave him a hard time for flaking out, and almost gave his number out. Haha. We go back to our houses, getting ready for a fun night at the bar with karaoke. It pretty much was Jennifer and Howie fighting over the microphone and Kail dancing the whole time. Haha.. (note: remember I taped all the fun.. well most of it and so I’m gonna make a great video) There was lots of shots going around and lots of drama. And we’ll end the night on that. Oh ps Mike just arrived and Zach stayed in bed all night.

Tuesday February 12.
Wake up at the crack of dawn (ie 11am). Everyone looks like crap and feels like crap, I’m not gonna lie.  We had lunch with the fans and meet and greet with q and a. It would’ve been more fun if my head wasn’t a thousand pounds and I had gotten some sleep. Basically after this we go back to the house don’t have time to sleep, so I do a bit of interneting and then get ready for dinner and the big premiere.

((NOTE: this is where I stopped writing this blog back in February. It is actually not a bad place to stop, I will conclude my Rainbow trip escapades by saying the premiere was a ton of fun laughing at the show with all the alumni. Next morning woke up at the crack of dawn again... arrive at the airport and.... !! But of course, my flight was cancelled.. just because. So waited around, booked another flight & now I was happily back in sunny southern california.))

Okay and now to update you on my life’s happenings since February?? ...NOT!! I’m sure it is way too boring and well, quite frankly I don’t have the patience. Basically I’m skipping three months and jumping right into the end of Big Brother 9. See, that works. Okay, well you all know I was a huge Adam fan since day one, even ask Howie. I don’t know if it was the “Soulmates my ass!” or the “Yeah you really do stink” comment that sold Adam for me. So I was correct in rooting for him and Baller came through for me, because I know for a fact most of you were not on his side until about the middle of the season, and if you try to argue, you’re a liar! So this past week, I spent a lot of time hanging out with the BB9 cast, one cast member more than the rest *cough* I will “honestly” say I was very impressed and possibly even surprised at how much I truly liked everyone. Now mind you, I did not have to live with the jerks ;) hehe. To make it easier, I am just going to make a list & here we go...
Jacob. - He was terrific. Had to have been one of my favorites. Complete butthead/sassypants! But we all know how much I appreciate that. Jacob is a ton of fun. He spent most of his time with Sharon and her family too..

Jen. - Obviously I had been chatting with Jen for awhile since she had gotten out of sequester. Now this girl knows I was not a big fan of her on the show/feeds, but hey that’s the game right? I loooove Jen! She is a complete sweetheart and has a huge heart.

Parkerazzi. - Talk about sassy! HAHA. Parker is a character and not nearly as boring as he was on the show. :D He’s hating me right now! But hey that was a compliment!! He’s great.

Bueno. - Amanda is a total doll. This girl! Haha. She cracks me up, I’m not going to lie. She is coming back to Cali in a couple weeks and we are hanging out.

Alex. - I never talked to him. Haha, jk. All I have to say is ooooobviously we all know he is my favorite. <3

Allison. - I really did not get a chance to talk to her much. I spoke with her briefly after the finale, and then she had to go back home right away. As far as I could tell, she seems like a very nice young lady.

Matty. - Freakin Boston. This kid is crazy, and as he said, he’s “not as much of a jerk as I was portrayed”.. granted he hasnt watched the show but still.. haha. No really, he’s a sweet guy, ladies give him a chance ;)

Chelsia. - Had a lot of fun with her as well. I truly believe Big Brother brings out the worst in people and I know a lot of people do not necessarily love the girl, but she was sweet as heck to me. I’ll take it! haha.

Josh. - Yes, he was as bosssay and prissy in person, but we all know Dani loves her gay boys. Josh had a really hard time getting all the information coming out of the house. Him and I had a very nice talk about it all and he’s got a good grip on everything. His mother is wonderful as well! (actually, all the moms were so great, i really loved them all!)

James. - The first thing I told James was ... “I’m not gonna lie... I wanted you out of the house so you wouldn’t beat my veto record!!” haha. I was impressed with James I truly did not think I would like the guy, but he is funny and he is totally down to earth.

Natty. - Very sweet girl. Her and her sister Colleen look and sound so much alike its crazy. You can just tell that they have very big hearts and as much as Natalie got crap, I could never not like her, you could just tell her heart was in the right place.
Sharon. - To be honest, I did not really talk to Sharon. Not sure why, I don’t think she really liked me... hmm. Anyways, I thought she seems like a sweet girl. Still saying babieeeeees.

BigShe. - Sooo much tinier in person! She has to have been about 5’2. Very sweet lady and yes, I gave her permission to date my dad after she asked if that’s okay haha.

Ryan. - Ryan is very quiet.. go figure. really nice guy and very much in love with Jen.

Ballller. - Adam is crazy. He is a ton of fun and exactly how he was in the house.. except I didn’t see him pick his nose or put his hand down his pants. OOoor did I?!

So to wrap this ridiculously long blog up.. THANK GOD BIG BROTHER 9 IS OVER!!
Haha, no really.. I was more than ready. I am hoping next season is more about gameplay and people who don’t just keep handing everything to each other. I had a great week getting to know everyone though and will certainly stay friends with most of them.. I talked to seven of them already today! haha. It is much easier to be friends with house guests from other seasons because I did not have to live with them and we share a very similar experience, but I have no reason to hate them. :]

((SIDE NOTE 2: for all the acquiring minds.. yes I did talk to Amber at the wrap party. She apologized to me for a few things and I explained to her that I do not hold anything against anyone for things that occurred in that house. If you do something to me outside of the house, that’s different.. that’s real life. Funny how reality is so far from reality.))

And to answer my question of the day from forever ago...

Q.:Do I believe in love at first sight?
A.: No.
Like most of you non believers, I have the same theory.. At first sight it is only lust, not love. It is impossible for a real love to occur within an instant without getting to know a person. You need to fall in love with all their bad habits, want to kiss them even though they have morning breath, and all learn to accept the fact that they sometimes snore for love to occur. I'm not into that skin deep kind of love. Don't get me wrong, if I see myself spending my life with a person, they better be pleasing to my eye, come on, I'm going to have to wake up to that face every day for the rest of my life.. haha. Love is so much more though! There has not been one person in my family who has only been married once, everyone has been through one or more divorces. If I get married, I want it to be forever.

“At least you'll never be a vegetable - even artichokes have hearts. .”

♥ Daniface.

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Question of the day: What's the one stupid question you've always wondered the answer to, but can't get it?
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