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I'll be the one to keep you, one disaster less..

”Floating and fighting, like a kite on a string
Till you cut through my tether and changed everything
From the sky you looked small, but I loved you the same
So I darted back quickly to spell out your name
And when they say that I'm just a terrible kite
You'll tell them you're proud of my marvelous flight.”

Okay, so there’s a topic that has been on my mind so much lately. It has come up numerous times with numerous people recently. Topic: Insecurity. “Honestly” if anyone can relate to this topic, it is yours truly. I once was the most insecure girl in every situation. Seriously, I was always so intimidated by other females, always feeling inferior to pretty much anyone. Always looking around wondering what people were thinking about me. Walking, staring at the ground everywhere I went. You know I don’t think any person looking in the mirror sees themselves the way the rest of the world does, whether good or bad. Most people see every flaw and scrutinize themselves everyday. Why are people so insecure? What makes us this way? Do we do it to ourselves or is it hereditary? I for one can say that I overcame my insecurities a couple years ago. Let me tell you how and why… If people love\like you, they feel these ways for a reason. Everyone else, well, quite frankly is not worth another minute of your time. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess, even if you have to fake it. That is pretty much how I overcame insecurities, by faking confidence. Walking into a room and suggesting with body language you own this place and do not care what other people are thinking of you. We waste so much time caring about what other people think that it stops us from being whom we really are inside. I honestly think that no person should ever change who he or she really is for anybody. If people want to know an improved version of you, it is not you they want to know, it is somebody else. Does this make sense? Basically every person is different and there is nothing wrong with that. Don’t be insecure about the person you are, be confident that you are who you are and every person in your life loves you because of that. Now please do not get me wrong. You have to understand there is a clear difference between confidence and arrogance. The dictionary describes confidence as “the belief in oneself,” where as arrogance is said to be the “display of superiority.” Confidence is alluring, arrogance is unbecoming, and insecurities are trifling and most definitely every person has the ability to over come them. I don’t care who does or does not believe me, but I put everyone on the same parallel. I don’t think any person is better than me, but on the contrary I do not think I am better than any one person. To me, all people are equal, just different. “There is beauty in everything, just not every person sees it.” That is one of my favorite quotes ever! How true is it, seriously? We choose what we want to see in things, situations and people. Unfortunately by doing this, we miss so much beauty in the world.

What do I want for Christmas? Oh dear.. I just want to be happy, you know, all the time. But don’t we all? Material wise.. I could list a million things considering I have nothing for my apartment. So um everything an apartment needs. I want my apartment to feel like “home”. I want a pair of pearl earrings because I lost mine in the ‘butter me up’ competition, and I want a new mac book because mine has viruses. I think it may have gonorrhea.

. “Everything I’m not, made me everything I am”

lolol♥ve dani d

Band of the day: Copeland [this is one of my 2 favorite bands]

Question of the day: What is your favorite word in the English language and why?
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